Warsaw’s Punk
 is doing very well!!

This is already 3rd issue of Warsaw Punk crew. It is safe to say that you should bow before them for this job. We have vinyl in the selected color (black, green, red), CD and insert from each band, just for few euros. Everything packaged in the jacket with cool cartoon art.

 Bitchin’ music, 19 bands coming on like gangbusters, about some of them you will probably learn for the first time, the more good, even if the melody doesn’t suit you can hear a potential for the future. “Zepsół”, little bit crappy name but they can play punk music, same as “Niestety” (‘Unfortunately’) and “Oi Brygada” (‘Oi Brigade’). Kurczak (‘Chicken’) little lisps but it adds the character to their music. I haven’t seen guys from “Niestety” (‘Unfortunately’) live and probably I will have to move my ass. “Oi Brygada” (‘Oi Brigade’) has extraordinary groupies, so it’s time to let go these photos with their gear on, as they have better things to show …„Braineater”, „Masakraj” will probably quickly gather young punkers around, all with hidden pisson-subversive syndrome, how it takes the youth of today. ‘Satellites’ and ‘Inhalators’ on props, never enough of Ramones, ‘Inhalators’ were singing the chorus so long that I sang additional verse to it 😉 It’s left only to yearn for Fat Kid’s, good kick-off and I was hoping that it would last little longer, cool song and it’s never enough of warm American punk in our little enclave of SNAFU. ‘Street Lights’, phat tune,  great sound mastering, you can hear a good musicianship of these guys, one of the best on the album. ‘Werwolf 77’, another song that I’ll hum for a long time, Warsaw’s punk rock without them would have no taste. ‘Wounded Knee’ put a great number, “Zwierzak” (‘Animal’) boosting vocals in the second part of the track is great! It is a pity that so far, I won’t see them because of fucking thieves … I will just go to the next ‘Government Flu’ gig whenever the opportunity arises, these four modest guest stuffing their faces with lettuce are doing a really good job. ‘Lazy Class’ is now the most busy team in the capital. Guys are doing a lots of concerts, not only in Poland’a, it’s cool they put one of their phat tunes in this compilation. Personally, I really like Eric’s vocals just since time of his back vocals with Stan in ‘Warsaw Dolls’. ‘Bombat Belus’ since ceased to rob people in Prague (*Warsaw’s district), they started a fair job and terminatores led by Patreze are awesome old-schoolers, who must be respected, and if not, you’ll be f…n mess. ‘Poison Heart’ little younger crew but similarly 😉 ‘Poison Heart’, I like style of Łamacz Stopy (‚Pedal Breaker’) the most, the guy who long would buy a new junk car for monies spent because of the damaged cymbals. ‘Brooks was Here’, ‘Sailors Grave’ and ‘Shame’, these three I heard for the first time. These bandy give the wider context to the album, but also to punk scene in Warsaw and all bands have an idea of cool melodies. ‘Sailors Grave’ have a very good musicianship and vocals with a particular scream out.

In sum, to less of punk’n’roll and juicy solos, 😉 One word about hidden Punks keeping an eye on this whole work of art, and there are several of them. Congratulations! If you do not buy music, you should start with this. You will discover punk music from your hood at half-liter bottle of cheap scotch price.